Servicing & Tyres

We would advise following your bike manufacture service schedule and as a minimum an annual service on all bikes.

A standard service with us will include:

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Strip, clean, inspect, lubricate and reassemble front and rear brake calipers/drums
  • Inspect fork seals, wheel, linkage, steering and swingarm bearings and grease/adjust to suit.
  • Inspect cables and hoses for wear, routing and deterioration
  • Inspect tyre condition and pressures
  • Clean, Inspect, Adjust and Lubricate drive chain. Furthermore,  inspect sprockets and cush drive for wear/deterioration.
  • Check lighting system and horn
  • Throttle, clutch and brake free plays
  • Lubricate pivot points and moving parts
  • Check nuts and bolts for correct torque
  • Replace spark plugs (service schedule dependant)
  • Check/clean, or replace air filter
  • Check coolant level / Determine if contaminants exist of the proper level of protection is provided

Servicing Prices

  • 4 Cylinder/2 Cylinder V Twin £200-£250 + optional parts
  • Single Cylinder Scooter or (up to 125) Motorcycle £120
  • Off-Road Bike MX/Enduro £140 – dependant.
  • Carb Balance £85
  • Valve Clearance £140-£250 on top of standard service.
  • Basic fork service – To Bike, with new oil and seals £195 – £220
  • Fit brake pads per caliper (includes clean and lubrication) £25

The timescale and service schedules vary for different Motorcycles so we can only advise what an average service usually costs including oil/filter and checks as above.
For a quote specific to your Bike, please fill out our enquiry form or email with the bike details and requirements.

Tyre Prices

  • Fit Tyre to loose wheel £25 / Tubed £30
  • Fit Tyre to Motorcycle £35 / Tubed £45 (Reduced fitting price if we supply tyre)
  • Puncture Repair – To Bike £50 (Dependant on damage to tyre)

(Fitting includes new valve and balancing. Optional valves and coloured balancing weights available on request)